Webley and The World Machine

Webley and The World Machine
Author : Zachary Chopchinski
Publisher : Books and Bow Ties Publishing
Total Pages : 309
Release : 2020-09-18
ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Humorous Portal Fiction Adventure Series - USA Today Bestselling Science Fantasy Author "This world within a world is such a fabulous concept! It's almost like Star Trek, Doctor Who, and the Bible all mashed up together with a steampunk twist." If Adal and Arija can't survive, we're all screwed. Let the war begin. Deep in the belly of a cave lies a portal to a mechanical world that will change two lives forever. Webley and the creations of the World Machine keep the Earth turning. But when Adal and Arija unknowingly set the gears in motion on a fierce civil war, they could destroy billions of lives. Including their own. Adal and Arija have already lost so much, they can't lose each other, too. But when they're forced to fight a creature that couldn't possibly exist, they must adapt or they'll lose the only people they have left. If you like Cassandra Clare, you'll love this portal fiction adventure full of snarky and witty banter, ingenious machines, and thrilling twists. "Webley and his creations are unique, complex, and compelling in a way that is not only beautiful but intellectually stimulating." -Author Jennifer Siddoway "A kick-a$$ romp full of action and humor!" -Author Jessica Jessinghaus "It's BioShock meets Sucker Punch with a side of Wild Wild West and a dance of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!" -The Reading Tree Book Blog *** Keywords: science fiction books free, science fiction books, science fiction free, steampunk cyborg, free science fiction books, science fiction stories, free steampunk books, science fiction series, series books free, portal book, portal stories, portal story, cute and diverse characters, strong women, funny books for free, Bestselling Young Adult Fantasy Series, Coming-of-age, Science Fantasy, Action Adventure, Anthea Sharp, Portal Fantasy, books for teens, books for boys, books for girls, YA reader, best book, free, freebie, first in series, Cassandra Clare, Immortal Instruments, City of Bones, Quantum Leap, Lindsay Buroker